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A group of CUNYites who love pizza. Pizza of the month excursions, with write-ups on the CUNY Pie blog . Please join us!



CUNY Pie Spring 2011 Scheduling and Theme

  • Hi Everyone,

    With the Spring 2011 semester in full swing, it’s time (or past time, really) to set up our Spring schedule for CUNY Pie. In keeping with last fall’s events, Boone and I thought that we’d continue to have the group meet on the first Thursday of every month at 6pm. That would set up our remaining Spring schedule as follows:

    March 3
    April 7
    May 5

    Dates are great, but we also need a theme. I’d like to suggest that our theme be “The Five Boroughs,” and that we make an effort to hit pizza joints in every borough. Since we’ve already been to many places in Brooklyn and Manhattan, that would mean that we’d spend this semester going to places in the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens.

    If you have recommendations for pizza places in those three boroughs, please add them to this thread for consideration.

    Now, alongside these evening gatherings, we’d like to keep our popular lunchtime events going. And, working with a suggestion made by Mikhail G. a while ago, we’d like to start visiting slice joints near CUNY colleges, with the goal of identifying the best slice near every CUNY school. This is going to be an ambitious, ongoing project that will take several years to complete, but it seems well worthwhile and a nice way to get out to all of the CUNY schools.

    So, if you have suggestions for a good slice near your CUNY school, please reply to this thread. We’ll take the resulting list and post it on our blog or on the wiki. And we’ll try to hit two or three locations for lunchtime events this Spring.

    If you have other suggestions or thoughts, please leave them below.



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  • I’m definitely on board with the 5-borough pizza project, but can I request that we change the April 7th date? I’ll be at a conference and don’t want to miss a borough. I propose changing it to April 14th, the Thursday night before Spring Break starts on Saturday–seems like a good night for pizza–pre-vacation and pre-passover!

    When we go to Staten Island, I would suggest the most notable, Denino’s–other options include Joe and Pat’s, Jimmy Max, or Ciro’s. If we go to Denino’s, we should go when it’s warm and save room for Ralph’s ices across the street: 1-it’s worth it, too; 2-if we drive, who knows how long we’ll be stuck in traffic on the way back.

    Hi All,

    Although we had set up March 3rd as a CUNY Pie date, no plans have been made for an outing, so I’d like to push this back to next Thursday, the 10th. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

    Thanks to Jody for the SI suggestions. Does anyone have suggestions for Queens and the Bronx?



    Hi All,

    With apologies, I think we need to postpone CUNY Pie again, since no arrangements have been made yet and it’s too late to put together an event for tonight.

    We are rescheduling for next Tuesday, March 15. I will put up an announcement in the next few days describing exactly where and when to meet on that day.

    Apologies for the shifting schedule. We will be sure not to repeat it for the rest of our upcoming events this semester.



    Thanks for the update, Matt. I think it would be better to stick with Thursdays, but I see why we might not want to go on St Patrick’s Day. Any chance we could go on 3/24 instead?


    Woo hoo! Tuesday the 15th works for me

    Great to hear that, Daniel.

    Jody, having already delayed this a few times, and with our April date coming up, I think it would be better to stick to the 15th, unless there is a really pressing rationale for moving it. But hearing that others, like Daniel, can make the 15th makes it harder to switch at this point…..


    Oh noes, I can’t make it, will be drinking wine + eating cheese + talking about ereaders instead ( Bummer! Next time, I hope.

    Sorry, Maura. I wanted to attend that ereader event, too.

    But we must soldier on. And so, for our next meetup, to be held this coming Tuesday the 15th at 6pm, we’ll be heading to the BRONX, where we’ll visit Louie and Ernie’s.

    Louie and Ernie’s was chosen to represent the Bronx in a 2005 “Battle of the Boroughs” pizza contest. You can read about it here:

    Slice review:

    Chowhound thread:

    Google place page:

    It sounds like the 6 train is the best (perhaps only) way to get there, so let’s meet at 6pm at Union Square, right in front of the entrance to the Food Emporium on the northeast side of 14th and 4th.

    Please RSVP if you can make it.

    Next date: April 7, when we’ll head to Queens. If you have suggestions, please let us know.

    I will be in attendance

    I’ll be there!

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to touch base about the next CUNY Pie trip. According to this thread we’re supposed to get together tomorrow, but I think I read something about going to Nick’s in Forest Hills after the Gen Ed conference this Friday on another thread. Either way I’m looking forward to eating some pizza!


    Thanks, Sarah. I can’t make it out tomorrow, but I will be at the post-Gen Ed event. Is there interest in getting together tomorrow? If so, there is no reason why there can’t be two May events.

    I’ll try my best to make it to Forrest Hill tomorrow. Is there a general time that we’re meeting?

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