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April CUNY Pie

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    Hi All,

    April 7 has crept up on me — it’s CUNY Pie night and we have nothing planned!

    This was the week we were supposed to go to Queens — I was thinking that Nick’s would be the logical choice (

    I’d still be willing to head out there tonight if others can make it; otherwise, I’d be happy to postpone this trip until next Thursday.

    Addition, if people wanted to get together tonight for an informal gathering at a more centrally located pizza place, I would be open to that, too.

    What do you think?



    Hi All —

    Okay. CUNY Pie is officially off for this week and on for next week, April 14th.

    Is anyone else interested in a trip on that day to Nick’s in Queens?




    I am! What time would we meet?


    I’m so glad that you’ve postponed until next week! I’ll be there! Where in Queens is NIck’s?

    Yours in pizza,


    Daniel — great! We can meet at 5:30 or 6 and head over. Let’s see who else is coming and then arrange a time.

    Jody: It’s in Forest Hills –

    Others: please don’t be shy. Come on out!!


    Ack, thought I could make it next week, but a look at my calendar (duh) reveals that I have a class at 6. Take pictures! Hopefully I’ll be in next month.

    (P.S. Jonathan said: how can it be CUNY Pie without Boone?)


    “(P.S. Jonathan said: how can it be CUNY Pie without Boone?)”



    “(P.S. Jonathan said: how can it be CUNY Pie without Boone?)”

    Oh, please. A *truly* dedicated CUNY Pie Co-Founder would not be off cavorting in Iowa while essential pizza activities were going on in NYC!


    True, true…maybe one month of Iowa pizza is a suitable punishment?


    Hi All,

    So, here’s the situation: right now, three other people have shown interest in a trip out to Nick’s in Forest Hills. One of them is in Iowa. And I’m realizing that there’s no way I can make the trip out to Queens tomorrow.

    I’d like to propose that we still meet tomorrow, but that we get together in a more centrally located pizzeria. To be honest, for this visit I care more about just getting together and eating some good pizza than trekking out to someplace we haven’t yet been.

    So, I’d like to propose that we meet at Lombardi’s ( ) at 6:15pm tomorrow. It was the site of the first CUNYPie gathering, but most of our members haven’t been there together. Who’s in?

    Diana Rickard

    I would like to join you guys today, but I have to be at work till 7. How late do you usually stay till?


    I can’t make it either now. Leading a workshop.

    Sarah Morgano

    Unfortunately, I have an ePortfolio meeting at that time. However, we will be eating pizza in observance of CUNYPie!!


    Hi All,

    I’m thinking that if no one else can actually make this, we should cancel it and just shoot for a May meeting. We can all eat pizza privately in penance.

    But I’m still open to going if others can make it — and even open to delaying it until 7 if more than one other person can show.

    Any takers?


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)

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