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Fwd: [DHSI] 2024 USLDH-Mellon Grants-in-Aid

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    From: Gauthereau, Lorena <>
    Date: Mon, Nov 13, 2023 at 11:09 AM
    Subject: [DHSI] 2024 USLDH-Mellon Grants-in-Aid
    To: <>

    University of Houston

    Recovering the US Hispanic Heritage Program / US Latino Digital Humanities

    Call for Proposals

    GRANTS-IN-AID funded by The Mellon Foundation

    The University of Houston US Latino Digital Humanities (USLDH) program is a
    digital scholarship/research undertaking to provide training and research
    on US Latino recovered materials. Proposals must draw from recovered
    primary and derivative sources produced by Latinas/os in what is now the
    United States, dating from the Colonial Period to 1980 (such as Recovering
    the US Hispanic Literary Heritage collections, other repositories and/or
    the community).

    The Grants-in-Aid program is designed to provide a stipend to scholars for
    research and development of digital scholarship in the form of a digital
    publication and/or a digital project. The grant covers any expense
    connected with research that will advance a project to the next stage or to
    a successful conclusion. Grantees are expected to present as part of the
    2024 cohort virtual panel and produce a public-facing digital deliverable
    by December 2024.

    Scholars will have the opportunity to publish their digital scholarship on
    Arte Público Press’
    platform. See sample digital scholarship/research on the following sites:
    of Washington
    University Press
    Past USLDH projects are described on our webpage (



    Scholars at different stages of their careers (academics, librarians,
    advanced graduate students, independent scholars, etc.) are encouraged to
    apply for a stipend of up to $7,500 for investigative work. Grantees are
    expected to attend virtual trainings (dates to be announced). We welcome
    applications in the following areas:

    Identification, location and recovery of any wide variety of historical
    documents and/or literary genres, including conventional literary prose and
    poetry, and such forms as letters, diaries, memoirs, testimonials,
    periodicals, historical records and written expressions of oral traditions,
    folklore and popular culture. Any documents that could prove relevant to
    the goals of the program will also be considered. The emphasis is on works
    by Mexican/Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Spanish, Central and South
    American and other Latina/o residents of what has become the United States,
    from the Colonial period to 1980.

    Bibliographic compilations, indexing projects pertaining to any of the
    above. Compilation of reference works, e.g. bibliographic dictionaries,
    thematic datasets, linguistic corpus, etc.

    Study of recovered primary source(s) for potential digital publication,
    including: text analysis, thematic dataset creation, visualization,
    metadata creation, etc.

    US Latina voices.

    Underrepresented archives, such as Afrolatinidad, Indigenous, gender,
    LGBTQI+, etc.

    To apply, please submit a letter of interest, project description (2-3
    pages), proposed budget and CV as a single PDF document via email to by Monday, January 8, 2024. Two letters of
    recommendation should be sent directly to by the
    recommenders. All documentation (including letters) are due on January 8,
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