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The Graduate Center Earth and Environmental Sciences

This is the group page for the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department at The Graduate Center, CUNY



  • I’m super glad to see that Jess has taken the lead on catching up our program with the internet age. we’re only 15 years late 😉

    Just a few comments about the website. First is that the theme you selected, Oxygen, is pretty but I will warn that it has a bunch of bugs that could cause problems down the road. Also, in order to get the slider to work on the front page requires tweaking individual post settings and can cause posts to disappear from the front page. You might be better served using the featured posts plugin (which relies on the same underlying code but is more flexible). You could also opt for a different theme such as atahualpa, and configure it to look like the oxygen theme (see for an example—this was the route I took with the linked website).

    One other thing you can do is to use the rss plugin on the commons to subscribe to feeds from other sites (for example, the center for place culture and politics and have them automatically posted as new posts on the geography website.

    Gotta run now but I’ll have more ideas for you in the future 🙂

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  • Hi Keith,
    Thanks. Yes, Oxygen is filled with bugs! It is so nice looking. Since a few of us are trying to get it to work, our boss and social media mentor, Chris Caruso, is working on some solutions to the problems with this particular theme. Thanks for these suggestions and I’ll work on it.

    Yeah, Chris posted on the Academic Commons’ development site about the issue with the built-in slider. I had a lengthy tirade/support response that I decided against sending because it sounded too caustic (toward the theme). In any case, you’re in good hands with Chris so hopefully it gets worked out.

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