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Hobsons Super Users for Grad

  • At today’s grad council meeting, there was some discussion of collecting best practices for Hobson’s Connect. Perhaps we should use this site to capture those.

    Simon, would you be willing to detail here how you set up the message that kicks off to recommenders? That might start things up.

    Does anyone else use Connect to reach out to applicants who started an app, but didn’t submit it? What is your time frame for those communications?

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  • We use a home-grown online application system. So I provided the email content to our IT dept and they set up the automated email. It’s sent out to a recommender the day after their recommendation arrives in our database.

    Thanks Simon. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who has a method for doing this through the Hobsons system.


    We don’t do it at the moment, but i imagine you could do a query to pull out all the recommenders who submitted (or in our case who submitted for an applicant who ends up getting admitted) and then just send them an email inside of AY. Pulling it out to Connect would be too painful and not needed since a simple textual message would suffice.

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