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Creative Practices’s Docs Lesson Plan on Buildings, Pre-K


Objective: Children will learn that constructing buildings take many workers and a lot of time.                               

                    Monday           Tuesday       Wednesday            Thursday                  Friday         
Large Group Architects construct skyscrapers. How can painters help construct a skyscraper? What is the carpenters job when building a skyscrapers? What is the plumbers job when building a skyscrapers? Who are electricians?
Story Time In the City, by Santina Bruni.  Cross the Brigde, by Ryan Ann.  This is Out House, by Michale Rosen.  My City, by Rebecca Emberley  Around the World, by Margaret C. Hall









Through out the week the children will build a model of a skyscraper. They will use cardboard.

 Children will be divided on to three small groups.

  Small  Groups 1. Paint the first floor. 2. Make windows and doors.3. Draw a picture of a skyscraper.         2.Paint the second floor.3. Make windows.1.Draw a picture of a skyscraper.      3. Paint the third floor.1.Make windows.2. Draw a picture of a skyscraper.            Have a discussion with the children on how we make a skyscraper.          Take the children for a walk in the neighborhood. Take a picture of the tallest building in that area.       
Art Blocks Dramatic Play Discovery Sand/Water Other
Add wooden sticks. Children will build a skyscraper. Add construction goggles. Add a hard hat and a regular hat. Children will be able to identify the differences. Make the Empire State Building. Vocabulary: skyscraper, construction, hard hat, plumbers, carpenters, electricians.

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