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Module 0 – LaGuardia

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    1. Welcome to the discussion forum!

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    • Your name, college, role(s), and the pronouns you use
    • Your thoughts about the Commons or any of the tools that you read about or played with in the module.


    I’m Laurie Gluck (she/her). I work at LaGuardia Community College in Education and Language Acquisition department. I teach linguistics and ESL composition. The biggest benefit of taking on the role of learner in a course like this is getting back into the learner’s chair. I try very hard to be sensitive to students as they approaching the technology we use and to address how overwhelming and alienating working in these platforms can be. So far I am seeing just how important this sensitivity is. LG

    • Maria Jerskey (she/her), LaGuardia CC, Professor of Education and Language Acquisition.
    • So far these tools are great! I moved data from my latest project into CODAP to play around, but still need someone to help me figure it out. Question: Is there a tool that either makes time stand still or manufactures time so I can play around more?

    Replying to this!


    Sara Vogel, PhD. (she/her) wrote:

    • Welcome to the discussion forum!

    Quoting this!

    Maria Savva
    • Maria Savva, Associate Professor at LaGuardia Community College, she/her.
    • I’ve use FlipGrid in several of my classes. When I teach online classes, student video posts [on FlipGrid] are sometimes the only time I get to see their faces! As for Academic Commons, it feels a little clunky, not the most user-friendly design in my opinion, but I’m willing to give it a chance as I know it’s widely used across universities.
    • Thomas Cleary, Assistant Prof at Lagcc, College Archivist/Librarian, he/him
    • I think the Commons is great, I’ve used it as a student and to host projects on.  It’s based on WordPress so the experience of interacting with it as a student carries over to the real world. Plus as a professor it lets you create both public and private website to create or share projects.  I haven’t used the other tools yet, but have seen flipgrid used before

    My name is Kenneth Yin (he/him), and I am a faculty member in the Education and Language Acquisition Department at LaGuardia Community College.

    I have some familiarity with the CUNY Academic Commons, although I have not used it much with my classes. I hope to learn how to integrate the Commons and other interesting digital tools into my classroom in a purposeful way.

    Walter Sistrunk

    Walter Sistrunk Professor City University of New York.

    Classes:  ELL 101Introduction to Language and ESL 098 Composition

    I am a Professor at LaGuardia Community College in the Department of Education and Language Acquisition. I have a Ph.D. in African American and African Studies from Michigan State University. My research interests are syntax, syntactic variation, and language acquisition. Currently, Walter is investigating the structure of relative clauses in African American English and the correlation between the absence of relative pronouns in the relative clause and its relation to other structures in African American English, such as vacuous movement, resumptive pronouns, and the absence of X-trace effects. In language and culture, my interests are in Black women’s use of language in Hip Hop and Dancehall, the linguistic origins of rap, and contact languages in the African Atlantic Diaspora.


    Rebekah Johnson, Associate Professor in the Department of Education & Language Acquisition, LaGuardia Community College, she/her

    I have played around with several of these tools in the past and have used a few of them quite a bit.  I look forward to using some of the tools or learning more about some of them as we go through this summer CITE session.

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