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Module 0 – Hunter

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    Welcome to the discussion forum!

    Reply to this message with:

    • Your name, college, role(s), and the pronouns you use
    • Your thoughts about the Commons or any of the tools that you read about or played with in the module.
    Brian Collins

    Hi everyone!

    I am Brian Collins at Hunter College (he/him).

    Looking forward to participating in CITE this summer with you all and learning new tools. Feeling very busy right now but happy to get set up with Commons and Flip grid accounts. Thinking about ways to integrate these into my summer classes.



    Kristen Hodnett (she/her) at Hunter College.  I work in the Special Education department as a clinical professor.   Looking forward to learning more about this new tool and engaging with others participating in CITE.


    Hi! I’m Ann Ebe (she/her) at Hunter College.  I work in the Curriculum and Teaching department as an associate professor.   I’m looking forward to participating in CITE and learning with you all this summer!



    I am Imani Irving-Perez (she/her) at Hunter College. I serve in the Special Education Department as a Lecturer in the Early Childhood Development and Learning Program and also serve as the Faculty Clinical Experiences Coordinator for our program.

    I am new to Commons and like the platform thus far. I am also pleased that Flipgrid is being used for Module 0.

    Looking forward to our work together.


    Greetings Team Hunter !

    It is very nice to see many of my colleagues in this group.  I am Marcus Artigliere.  I work as a Clinical Lecturer in TESOL in the Dept. of Curriculum and Teaching.  Most of my work is centered on the clinical experiences in TESOL and within the SOE.  I am looking forward to learning new technologies in these modules and building out my artifact with my team!

    All my very best,




    Greetings Hunter Team!

    I’m Maria Mavrides. I’m part of the  Early Childhood Program at the SOE, primarily working with clinical experiences and early literacy. I’m very excited to learn more about computational thinking and how to bring new concepts to life through my teaching and practice.

    Looking forward to working with all of you!




    Hi, Everyone!

    I am very excited to be part of the CITE Project for the Summer ’23! I am Carmen Sherry Brown (she/her). I am an Associate Professor in the Early Childhood Program. In previous semesters, I have worked with the CUNY Academic Common on several projects. I am looking forward to collaborating and learning from all of the participants this summer.

    I am familiar with most of the tools identified on the orientation page with the exception of CODAP. I am interested in learning more about this software and how I can incorporate it into my teaching practices.


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    Hello Hunter Team! I am Rhonda Bondie. I am in special education and work with Jennifer and Virginia in the Learning Lab courses. I am looking forward to adding computational thinking to our Learning Lab in fall semester.



    ¡Saludos! My name is Alfonso Pérez (he/him), and I teach in the Bilingual Education Program as Clinical Professor. This is the first time I use the CUNY Academics Commons, and I’m excited to explore digital tools and technology (like Flipgrid) this summer to enhance storytelling in Spanish and to inspire our bilingual education teacher candidates.


    ¡Hola, todos!

    I am Marina Velásquez (she/her/ella), and I work at the Hunter School of Education as an adjunct lecturer. I am also a DOE teacher and am very excited to tackle new digital and computing literacy tools. Looking forward to learning with and from one another!


    Hello! My name is Kendra Miller (she/her). I’m an adjunct lecturer in the TESOL department. I am also a literacy coach with the DOE. I’m looking forward to learning and collaborating with everyone this summer!


    Greetings Everyone!

    My name is Virginia Gryta (she/her) and I teach in the Learning Disabilities Program in Special Education. Grades are posted and summer courses ready to start so, I can pivot to learning with you all!  Rhonda and I are excited to use this time to develop ideas that support critical thinking in both our teacher candidates and in their planning and feedback practices. Looking forward to our CITE work together.



    Hello, everyone!

    I am Yang Hu, and I teach in the graduate program of Literacy Education. I am looking forward to developing digital literacies and computational thinking this summer!



    My name is Jody Polleck and I am an associate professor in the literacy program. My pronouns are she/her. I’ve used Commons before to create an equity website that will soon be available to everyone at Hunter College. I’m not crazy about the platform (to be honest) but I do love some of the other tools mentioned (such as Padlet, Jamboard, and Flipgrid).
    Looking forward to this experience!

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