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Module 0 – Hostos

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    Welcome to the discussion forum!

    Reply to this message with:

    • Your name, college, role(s), and the pronouns you use
    • Your thoughts about the Commons or any of the tools that you read about or played with in the module.

    Hello Everyone! My name is Marcella Mandracchia.  I am an adjunct faculty member in Teacher Education at Hostos Community College. I am also an adjunct faculty in the LCD for TESOL at Queens College. I use the pronouns she/her/hers.

    I also teach and am an administrator at Adelphi University in their College of Education and Health Sciences.

    I constantly use Flip and Jamboard in my classes. I have never had the opportunity to review Commons. So this is an exciting time for me. I already see a tool (CODAP) that would be very helpful for my students to use for my action research projects at Queens College. I look forward to learning more throughout the summer.


    Hello my name is William Baker
    I am a Professor at Hostos and teach math
    Education students take math 100 or math 120
    both of which would be ideal for computing technology


    Hello everyone!

    My name is AJ Stachelek and I am the Director of Assessment and an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Hostos Community College.

    I go by they/them, although often get read as he.

    As for my thoughts about the Commons, it is either incredibly intuitive or completely baffling depending on the activity involved. It took me way too long to access the group because I could not find the screen featured in the Google Slides. When I finally just guessed, it all worked out by intuition.

    As for tools, I have always loved Jamboard and I previously used Flipgrid with my 9 year old for his virtual school days during the pandemic, so I know I can ask him for help there. The tool I find to be the coolest is the CODAP (perhaps no surprise) because of my love of statistics. Can’t wait to dive in and start creating – although I think I’m going to overdo it and get overwhelmed because I tend to want to change everything.


    Dr. Edme Soho, (him/his/he)

    Associate Professor of mathematics and Statistics at Hostos Community College

    As technology is constantly evolving, I am just excited to be part of CITE, and hoping to be exposed to all the different ways I could interact with and introduce technology in my classroom actively.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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