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Computing Integrated Teacher Education (CITE) @ CUNY

Computing Integrated Teacher Education is a four-year initiative to support CUNY faculty at all ranks to integrate state standards aligned computing content and pedagogy into required education courses, field work and student teaching. Supported by public funding from the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) Computer Science for All (CS4All) program and private funding from the Robin Hood Learning + Technology Fund, the initiative will focus on building on and complementing the success of NYCDOE CS4All and pilots to integrate computational thinking at Queens College, Hunter College and Hostos Community College.

The initiative focuses on:
– Supporting institutional change in teacher education programs
– Building faculty computing pedagogical content knowledge through the lens of culturally response-sustaining education
– Supporting faculty research in equitable computing education, inclusive STEM pedagogies, and effects on their students’ instructional practices

Module 0 – BMCC

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  • Hi! I’m Kirsten Cole (she/her) from BMCC.

    For this module I looked around the commons and updated my profile a little bit. I am having trouble understanding all of the layers of the commons (groups vs sites etc) so I hope that will make more sense soon.

    I enjoyed exploring some of the tools we’ll be using together. I am very interested in Flipgrid but am still totally confused about how to use it. CODAP seems like an incredible resource to use with students, but I need to work with it a lot more before I am able to support students’ exploration of the data sets.

    I think that’s it for now. I’m equal parts excited and intimidated, which is probably a good place to be as a learner. 🙂


    Hello! I’m Mindi Reich-Shapiro. I teach at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). My pronouns are she/her.

    I first set up my profile on the Academic Commons two years ago when I took a workshop in OER, but I don’t often visit it. I updated my profile this week and looked around at some of the featured sites. Now I want to join at least three of them!

    I’m excited about this summer, and nervous, too. I use a few of the tools here in my classes—Padlet and Flipgrid—but I still feel like a complete novice using them. I want to learn more about each of them, and also about tools like Scratch and CODAP, which I’ve never seen before.

    I use BMCC OpenLab for all my courses, and that’s been fun, tinkering and setting up each new course. It feels really good every time I figure out how to set up a link or embed a video or fix a problem with one of the course sites.

    Other than BMCC OpenLab, my experience with most technology is more as a consumer than a producer; I’m looking forward to “getting a look under the hood” and tinkering and exploring…


    I’m Jolie Medina from BMCC. This is my first time tinkering with most of these tools. I have used FlipGrid in my courses, specially during the beginning of the pandemic as a way to see my students and connect them to each other, to support each other. I did play with Jamboard, added a silly joke. I did look around at the other tools. I am looking forward to learning how to use them. Just like my colleagues, I am excited and nervous to join this group. Having my friends/colleagues join with me will be very helpful to ease my stress. Looking forward to the exploration.

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Kristin Scarola (she/her) and I am an adjunct in the Teacher Ed department at BMCC.

    I’ve used the Commons for professional learning programs and I like the friendly interface. The other tools I have a range of experience with. I’ve dabbled a little with Scratch, but I’m looking forward to deepening my understanding of it potential.

    Like at @kcole said, I feel both excited and intimidated, but am really looking forward to stretching out of my comfort zone.

    Hello, I am Carol Barclay (she/her), at BMCC Teacher Education. I specialize in infant/toddler/ family development. I haven’t used these tools before, I am edited to learn something quite new to me! I am wondering how we will incorporate the Computational Thinking mindset with our field’s strong emphasis and belief in the primacy of emotions and relationships.

    Hi, Jen Longley (she/ her), faculty in the ECE program.  I have played around in the Commons before, but am partial to BMCC’s OpenLab.  I use Jamboard, FlipGrid, and Excel.  I am excited to explore and learn about CODAP; Scratch; and Padlet.  I look forward to playing around with them more!

    Hi All!

    ruth guirguis (she/her) BMCC TED program. Super excited to learn more about scratch and codap!

    Hi, my name is Jillian Crosby (she/her) and I’m an adjunct in the Teacher Education Department specializing in infant and toddler development.  The open access to shared resources in the CUNY Academic Commons is ideal, but I am still figuring out how to navigate the site. Tinkering with digital tools in this module has allowed me to reacclimate myself with resources I’ve used in the past and become somewhat familiar with new platforms.  Looking forward to learning more about Scratch and CODAP.

    Hello, my name is Michele Bonna (she/her) and I am an adjunct lecturer in the Teacher & Learning Department at BMCC. I did not realize how much I would struggle to understand this site, but I believe I am slowly getting the hang of it. I am curious about the other digital platforms. I created my first Flip and I think it’s such a fun tool.

    Saludos, my name is Vianela Tapia (she,her/s,ella) you can call me Vee. I am an adjunct lecturer in the Teacher Education Department at BMCC where I teach foundations of Bilingual Education. I’m still navigating and getting the hang of Commons. I’m looking forward to using the digital platforms we will be working with.

    Sara Vogel, PhD. (she/her) wrote:Welcome to the discussion forum!

    HI I am a little late to the group, but I am excited to be here. I am an adjunct instructor at BMCC and I’ve spent most of my evening trying to navigate through all this and although I have used flip grid and jamboard in my courses I realized there is so much to learn.

    Greetings all – you may know me as Christopher Aviles but my preferred names are either “Christie” or “Chris” and my pronouns are they/them. Full-time, I am a PreK teacher at a charter school in East Harlem, and am part-time lecturing at BMCC and Hunter College.

    When it comes to the platforms, I have used Padlet for an art class I took during the pandemic with a Professor as a way for us to share and engage with our work and that of our peers. And Excel is another tool I’ve used tremendously in my work as a teacher as a way of gathering our students data given certain metrics and using that data to inform our instruction.

    Hey there,

    My name is Anthony Heyward and I have been an adjunct at BMCC since 2018 and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It will be nice to get to be a learner on the other side of the screen this summer.

    I have accumulated over 100 hours of FlipGrid content since 2020. It was an incredible resource when we were transitioning to virtual learning. Additionally, I’ve used Jamboard and Padlet less frequently but they are great too.

    I am looking forward to learning with everyone.



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