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General CITE Summer 2023 Q and A

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    Post any questions you may have about any of the orientation modules, expectations, or anything else!

    Reminder that we will hold regular Help sessions on Mondays 10a – 11:30a. See our calendar for the call links.


    There was a question about how to edit posts after submitting. I’ve demoted myself to a Member to re-create the faculty experience and am now making this post to see what faculty see once they make a post. Will report back in a reply to this thread


    how to edit post

    It looks you can edit your post by clicking edit in the top right. That said, once I replied to my initial post, I no longer see edit in the top right of that post, only reply. It’s like posts are locked once replies are made.



    How long my post should be? Is there a specific place to submit Module 1 and 2?


    How to edit my post?


    Hello Jean Marc,

    No specific length requirement on your posts.

    And then to find the spot to share your ideas for modules 1 and 2: Click on the “Apply” section of the modules linked below:

    Module 1

    Module 2

    There, you can find links to each college’s module forum and/or Flipgrid thread.
    Hope that helps!



    The opening orientation was informative.   I looked over the cards and chose 5 that I thought were most important to me – for example – being able to become fluent in tools to effectively communicate with families, colleagues and other personnel in the field of education.  It can broaden my experiences as an educator.  I enjoyed playing with jamboard and looking over flipgrid and scratch.


    Hi, for Module 2, when I clicked on the “Cite Mission & Common Values” the page that opens says “404 Unfortunately the page was not found”. Thanks!



    Where can I find asynch module 3? It seems like only 0,1, & 2 are posted where I’m looking (the Asynch Modules drop down menu.)



    Thank you for the help!


    Thanks for this reflection! Make sure you post your ideas about the game in the discussion thread for module 1 for your college so your colleagues can read them. If you click “Apply” at this page, you can find the link to your college’s discussion thread!


    Hi Virginia,

    We’ll be posting Modules 3, 4, and 5 before the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!



    Thanks for calling this to our attention — can you try the link now? When I click on it it works, and takes me to this page:



    Hey folks,

    In module 3, the link for Artifact Design Task Guidelines gives me a 404 error. Is there another path to the guidelines?



    Hi Virginia,
    Works for me — give it a refresh and see if it doesn’t work now… Unless you’re clicking another link. Can you share a screenshot with me where you see a broken link:


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