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Upcoming Manifold Workshops

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    Hello everyone,

    I am excited to announce the following Manifold workshops. Feel free to share across the CUNYverse, all are welcome!

    Please excuse cross posting.


    Introduction to Manifold (Two-Part Series)

    Part I – Manifold Platform Overview

    Date/Time: T – 3/26 (1-2pm)

    Registration link:

    In part I of this workshop series we will begin with an overview of the Manifold digital publishing platform, including the new authoring feature, and explore how it is being used at CUNY to create beautiful, dynamic, multimedia rich digital projects and Open Educational Resources (OER) such as custom versions of public domain texts, multi-text course readers, class projects, and journals.

    • No account or previous knowledge of Manifold/digital publishing are required.


    Part II – Manifold Project Fundamentals

    Date/Time: Th – 3/28 (1-2pm)

    Registration link:

    Part II is the hands-on portion of this series where participants will create their own Manifold project, learn how to customize the layout and add texts, resources to it – we will provide all the digital materials needed but participants are welcome to use their own epubs, Word .docx files, Google docs, images, YouTube videos, etc.).

    • A Manifold Project Creator account is required for this workshop. Please sign up for an account and request to become a Project Creator on the CUNY Manifold home page before you register for this workshop.
    • Familiarity with the Manifold digital publishing platform (Part I – Manifold Platform Overview) is encouraged but not required.


    Teaching with Social Annotation on Manifold

    Date/Time: T – 4/2 (1-2pm)

    Registration link:

    Social annotation can be a great way to “open up” a text: to make it a learning object for scrutiny, interpretation, and enrichment. Teaching with social annotation can foster opportunities for instructors and students to think, read, and learn together in and beyond the classroom. With Manifold’s annotation tool and reading groups, you can highlight, annotate, and discuss a text, and make your annotations public, private, or visible only to a group. In this workshop, we will walk you through Manifold’s social annotation features and invite you to annotate together.

    • No familiarity with Manifold required


    Manifold Train the Trainer

    Date/Time: F – 4/12 (12-1pm)

    Registration link:

    This workshop is designed for individuals that support digital project creators on their campuses, such as librarians and teaching and learning center staff, and will help them answer the question, “what platform should I use for my project?” This workshop will introduce the Manifold digital publishing platform as a tool and provide participants with a solid understanding of what is a Manifold project and what you can and cannot do on the platform.

    • No account or previous knowledge of Manifold/digital publishing are required
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