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Invitation to apply: sponsored COIL workshop

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    Kim Holland

    Hello All,

    I hope you’re all healthy and managing well under the circumstances.  I realize you are all deluged with professional development options this summer, but wanted to make sure you’re aware of the following opportunity.  Please feel free to share it with colleagues who may be interested.

    We have a grant proposal in the pipeline to the Stevens Initiative, and if it is successful, we will able to offer a COIL workshop in August for faculty, both beginners and experienced.  Please see below for details and a link to the application.  The deadline is this Friday, but the application process is minimal.

    • It will be offered from August 3-21, with 15-20 hours of work expected (mostly asynchrous).
    • ​Part and full-time faculty are eligible.  All participants who complete the workshop will receive $1064 for completing all workshop requirements.
    • SUNY COIL will deliver the workshop on a two-track model, with some common elements, but allowing for faculty with COIL experience to skip introductory material and receive supplementary “train the trainer” instruction.
    • It will only be offered if the Stevens Initiative approves our proposal, so applicants should have a backup plan.  We will have confirmation by mid-July.  If it moves forward, the training will be offered to CUNY faculty with groups from partners in Morocco and Israel.

    The CUNY COIL Working Group will review all applications the week of June 22nd.

    We understand that you have many professional development options this summer, and appreciate your interest. If this sounds like a good fit for you, please complete the workshop application by June 19th.



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    Tomonori Nagano

    Hello Kim,

    Thanks for sharing a great opportunity for COIL training. I have a few quick questions.

    (1) Am I correct that this project focuses on MENA?
    (2) Are language faculty eligible (most likely instructors of Arabic, French, and Hebrew)?
    (3) The application form asks for only name and contact information. What are the criteria for selection?


    Kim Holland

    Hello Tomonori,

    All good questions.

    (1) Yes, the Stevens Initiative supports virtual exchange (and other projects) between institutions in the U.S. and MENA countries.  Some more details are included as a header to the workshop application, so faculty who are interested have enough information to decide whether this is a good fit for them.

    (2) Language faculty are absolutely welcome to apply.  You’re correct that those languages would be the most likely to benefit from a collaboration with a MENA institution, but we are leaving the decision about suitability up to faculty.  The likelihood of a successful partnership being formed during the workshop may be considered by the selection committee, but the exact hierarchy of priorities is still under discussion.

    (3) The application form looks sparse at first, but depending on how you respond to certain questions, new questions appear.  However, the application should still be very quick to complete.  Because the grant’s purpose is to build capacity in virtual exchange, the committee will consider each application’s likelihood to support that goal–and that will include factors beyond individual merit.  Goals of growing IVE/COIL at campuses and in disciplines where it hasn’t developed yet at CUNY (or has encountered bottlenecks) will definitely be important considerations.

    All that being said, although this workshop won’t be a good fit for all CUNY faculty, and probably won’t be able to admit all interested faculty, we hope it will be the first of many opportunities, and most importantly, that it will equip CUNY faculty to support their colleagues getting started with COIL.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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