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Fall 2020 COIL push? Seeking input from CTL, instr. designers, librarians, etc.

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    Kim Holland

    Good morning all,

    I’d like to to set up a meeting to collect input from all CTL members, instructional designers, librarians and others who support faculty developing COIL courses.

    This will be about capacity to support COIL/IVE development over the summer, if we are able to meaningfully scale up the number of CUNY and foreign faculty interested in working together this fall.

    Because all of our faculty have are already gaining skills in online teaching environments, this may be less labor-intensive per partnership in than in the past; however, if we can significantly boost the number of these collaborations, we want to make sure they will be able to be supported during the planning phases, and once classes begin.

    Therefore, I’d appreciate it if you could make time to share your thoughts on to what extent supporting COIL/IVE development over the summer can be managed, and what we should be communicating with faculty in advance, to ensure they avoid common, labor-intensive pitfalls. ¬†Generation of a common resource for all CUNY faculty, or perhaps just identifying which resources CUNY faculty are already using should be highlighted for COIL/IVE development, will also be explored.

    If you are interested in joining, please complete this poll to help us select the time that works for the most people:

    Finally, thank you all for everything you are already doing to help faculty and students complete the current semester.


    Kim Holland

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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