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    A number of important ePortfolio issues have surfaced over the past few months, issues which should be addressed, I think, by the CAT ePortfolio subcommittee.

    1. Digication: Digication embarked on an upgrade at the end of the Fall 2011 semester, resulting in a significant loss and disorder among student artifacts on their ePortfolios. Seven campuses currently use Digication, many of which have invested considerable resources in the development of student and faculty training materials specific to this platform. Students were informed — during the last few weeks of the semester — that they could recreate their ePortfolios from back-ups.

    Communication with Jeff Yan, Digication CEO, was poor, filtered to me through Bret Eynon for the Connect to Learning group. I’m not sure what the experience was for other campuses.

    The recent request via AAEEBL for feedback from Lawrence Fried, CIO of the New Community College, indicates that CUNY legal is currently reviewing a Digication contract for the NCC. I’m not suggesting that we abandon Digication — many of us have a great deal invested. But we may wish to take a more active role to ensure that individual campuses have an opportunity to express concerns to CUNY legal more generally and are able to suggest stipulations and any remedies and/or restitution for Fall 2011. My understanding is that Bret Eynon is forming a group that is working directly with Jeff Yan – it would be good to be included in these conversations as well. Individual campuses may need to make decisions about contracts now.

    2. Phil Pecorino indicates that VC Brian Cohen (CIS) has formed a group to address his concerns related to ePortfolios, as mentioned at the last CAT meeting. This group is now scheduled to meet on February 3rd. George indicates that the speed with which this committee will move should most likely give us ample time to get through the CUNY ePortfolio Conference in March 2013 – no need for alarm. But we do need to keep our finger on the pulse of this committee.
    Group Members:
    From CIS and Technology Offices

    • Ramesh Ganeshram (CUNY, CIS)
    • James Haggard(CUNY, CIS)
    • Chris Ianniello(CUNY, CIS)
    • Franklin Steen Hunter
    • Ronald bergmann Lehman
    • Henry Saltiel Lag CC
    • Richard Malina , (CUNY, Legal Affairs)
    • Lawrence K. Fried (CIO, New Community College)
    • Brian Cohen(CUNY, CIS)

    • Pecorino, Philip, QCC and SPS

    Faculty and Administration:
    • George Otte, CUNY and SPS

    3. AAEEBL is organizing a Research Committee. The deadline for submitting applications is January 30. This is an important committee and we should be represented. I have the application on my desktop, but it would be good to discuss this topic with other members of the committee.

    4. Phil Pecorino, if you recall, is proposing to CAT that the Research and Development committee embark on a research project, organized by Phil, to evaluate various ePortfolio platforms using the rubric devised thus far. Both Joe Ugoretz and I have grave reservatioins about this process at this point in time. Can we get input from the committee?

    5. Longer term, I view the ePortfolio Conference as a venue that will bring together vendors with new and familiar platforms and the faculty/administrators who will be using them. That’s our goal. This – in my judgment – is the best strategy for preserving the campus based approach to ePortfolio selection (rather than an enterprise solution). We will be discussing the draft time line, possible key note speakers, and other details on Friday.

    6. Please update your campus information regarding ePortfolios on the CAT ePortfolio Wiki:

    Your input on any or all of these topics is much needed. We are meeting at Macaulay Honors College this Friday, January 13, from 2-4 PM. If you cannot make the meeting, but have input on any or all of the above items, please contact me by phone or e-mail, or respond via this forum.


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