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ePortfolio Subcommittee Meeting 11-15-10

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    11-17-10 Subcommittee Meeting

    As a quick summary, the ePortfolio subcommittee met via GoToMeeting on Wednesday, November 17. The GoToMeeting format energized attendance, participation, and exchange. Wednesday’s participants included Barbara Walters, Bill Bernhardt, Michael Smith, Gina Cherry, Howard Wach, and Joe Ugoretz.

    The focus of the conversation centered on our “deliverable” — now a process of information exchange through the work-in-progress group wiki: ePortfolios Across CUNY: Highlighting and Integrating Information.

    Michael Smith suggested a new page, “Integration,” which led to a vibrant discussion on levels of implementation and integration. The new wiki page has now been added, with Michael’s initials signalling his offer to initiate the content.

    Howard, since the meeting, added content to the Faculty Development page, and I will be adding content, as promised, to the literature review. The literature review will focus on a path model — using citations and text to highlight the rationale for “paths” in the diagram. Ordinarily the paths have arrows, per the link, although the causal relationships can also go in both directions. These two-way relationships are especially important in the analysis of student success, since students who are successful in a specific format, i.e., ePortfolios, will tend to choose that format again.

    I will be sending out a Doodle early next week regarding our next meeting — we are closing in on the deadline for our CUNY IT presentation.

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