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Tour de Brooklyn

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    Beth Evans

    Is anyone from the group going? I’m going with my 14 year old son.


    Stefanie Havelka

    won’t be able to make it, I am hosting my friends baby shower that day


    I’ll be there! Starting at 9 AM without the NYPD escort. (I registered but I didn’t receive a confirmation email. What’s your experience been like with the registration, Beth?)

    Amy Ballmer

    I can’t go to the Tour de Brooklyn but I recommend it based on the fun times on the Staten Island Ride!

    Beth Evans

    @Alevtina (Allie) Verbovetskaya – aw shucks! You know me on my old Schwinn Hollywood (looks like this one, only with wire basket in front: Slow lane all the way! I did register and renewed my transalt membership. They say there will be limited “day of” slots. Was the Tour de Staten Island handled the same way? I’d feel more secure registering in advance. There are only 1000 first wave slots. Maybe I’ll see you there as you are heading off!


    I seem to have made the cut for the first 1000 riders in the 9am group. I’ll be wearing my bikeCUNY pin, and maybe more recognizable, will be my loud, squeaking bike. Despite the squeaks, I will try to ride toward the front.


    @bethevans Tour de Staten Island had free registration and TA urged riders to register online ahead of time… but did have some day-of slots available if you showed up early enough. There were no “waves,” though, as there were not 2,500 riders at that tour (as there will be at Tour de Brooklyn) and it was a ride-at-your-own-pace event so folks were able to ride immediately after checking in.

    @myoungman Did you get an email confirming your registration? I didn’t get an email and I’m worried my registration didn’t “take.” Grr!


    Yeah, I actually did get an email confirmation. Why don’t you write TA an email? They’re pretty fast at responding.


    Reminder! This tour is this Sunday. You still have 44 hours to register for this event! It’s $5 for Transportation Alternatives members and $10 for non-members. Visit for more information and to register.

    I hope to see some of you there! (I’ll be starting at 9 AM. Look for my bikeCUNY shirt and buttons. I’ll have some buttons to give away!)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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