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National Bike Month (May ’12)

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    National Bike Month: May
    Bike to Work Week: May 14-18
    Bike to Work Day: Friday, May 18
    Bike to School Day: Wednesday, May 9

    Does anyone have any ideas for what we can do for National Bike Month? I hope to have a logo by the end of this week or next so I can create some flyers — if some of you would volunteer to get the flyers approved by your Student Affairs offices and put ’em up in high-traffic areas on your campus, I think that would go a long way to promote National Bike Month as well as this group.

    Would anyone be interested in a meet-up? In a different thread, I suggested heading over to Red Lantern Bicycles (345 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn) after work on Friday, May 18. (The bike shop is also a cafe and bar!) Is there any interest in this?

    Anyone have any other ideas/plans they’d be willing to share with this little group of CUNY cyclists?


    Beth Evans

    We can ride with a CUNY banner to the ROCKAWAY BIKE PARADE!


    There are a bunch of events listed for May on and — we could definitely piggyback off of one of them. And with a spiffy new logo (by the generous folks over at Makewell!), we can print t-shirts and/or a banner! (For some reason, I’m really excited about the idea of bikeCUNY t-shirts. I should just print one for myself and stop trying to get everyone else on board…)


    I would meet up at Red Lantern


    I just emailed the owners at Red Lantern and they said they’ll be happy to host us. They can accommodate up to 100 people and coffee is served all night (but sometimes limited in selection, though the basics are always available). The neighborhood is rife with restaurants so, if we’re hungry, we have options and we can even bring in outside food to eat at Red Lantern!

    I would love to make this happen. Let’s aim for Friday, May 18, at 7 PM? It may be useful to create some flyers for the event and put ’em up in some key areas around the campuses. Anyone here good with InDesign and want to design a flyer?

    Stefanie Havelka

    I am in to meet at the Red Lantern, don’t think I have time to work on flyer though…


    Flyer for next Friday’s event is up in the “Files” section:

    Please download it and spread it around your campus! Invite everyone you can 🙂

    (Very special thanks to Sara Greene for designing it!)

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