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Bike parking on campus

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    I’m curious what each campus offers in terms of parking for bicycles…

    On the City Tech campus, there are about 3 or 4 bike racks by the main entrance (where there is heavy security presence) but it’s not enough: they are often full and it’s hard to squeeze in another bike if you arrive late.

    (Also? Three or 4 bike racks is approximately 30-40 parking spaces. There are 16,000 students on campus! Plus all the staff and faculty members! The parking is not adequate here.)

    What’s the parking situation like where you work/study? Can/do you bring your bike in your office? (My understanding is that since CUNY is not commercial, it does not qualify for Bikes in Buildings. If your employer lets you bring in your bike, it’s because your employer is awesome.)


    I’m the rare rider at York College, though it has tried to accommodate cyclists by plopping 3 or 4 bike racks around campus. They are generally empty, and I am actually able to bring my bike into my office (though it is a fold-up Xootr).

    – Michael


    Well, you’re the exception, Michael: you can even bring your bike on NYCT buses! Lucky.


    At CSI there are a some bike racks scattered across campus that are under utilized. I bring my bike into my office, as does my officemate.

    Stefanie Havelka

    Lehman College has (as for as I know) two bike racks. Most of the time they are pretty empty. I bring my bike into the back office. Which is tolerated but I guess officially not allowed.
    The other day I brought my bike through the front library entrance and the security gave me some problems. I just wanted to get the key to my chain, which was in my office.
    I feel pretty much like a strange alien biking in the Bronx…people give me strange looks all the time


    The lack of secure parking isn’t deterring us from biking to work but others feel differently:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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