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Pathways & GenEd at Community Colleges

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    Richard LaManna

    Hi All, But Especially Assessment Folk at CUNY Community Colleges:

    Here at Bronx Community College we are considering how to align or merge Pathways SLO’s to our current General Education Proficiencies. (Or, even, drop our GenEd Proficiencies altogether and go with Pathways’ SLO’s only.)

    Currently, there is a debate on campus about “dropping” our current GenEd proficiencies and going with Pathways’ SLO’s, but then that begs the question of what then happens to Program Level Outcomes: Do we revise them as well to reflect more closely Pathways? What about those programs that have successfully embedded GenEd into their program outcomes?

    Any feedback or discussion would be most appreciated.
    My number 718.289.5355.

    Many thanks. Richard.

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