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Bronx Community College Winter Conference: \”Reflecing on the Promise.\”

  • Hi All,

    We\’re having our 6th annual Winter Conference Friday, February 22nd.   Below is part of the announcement and link.

    \”This year we are \”Reflecting on the Promise.\”   In Spring of 2016, the Obama Administration established the “America’s Promise\” grants initiative with the goal of providing free community college for all. We will reflect on that promise and how it has shaped learning, teaching and student success at community colleges.  This conference will provide a forum for research-based presentations and discussions which explore:

    • Definitions of students’ success and challenges while attending community college
    • The viability and potential realignment of college mission and vision statements
    • How assessment has shaped the learning and teaching at community colleges
    • The multifaceted issues related to academic preparation and also marketability in today’s employment environment.​

    This year\’s thematic tracks are:

    1. Reflecting on the Promise
    2. Aligning Services with Pedagogy to Ensure Student Success
    3. Preparing Our Students for Transitions
    4. Transforming the Learning Experience
    5. Using Data to Inform Improvement

    Follow the submission link ( to learn more about the detailed descriptions and sample topics under each theme.

    Keep checking the conference site ( ) for updates on the conference agenda and program as we get closer to this exciting event.

    If you have any questions about the conference, please contact BCC\’s Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology (CTLT) at 718-289-5100 ext. 3142, or email\”

    Many thanks. Have a great week.



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