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NOW is the Time to REGISTER for Spring, ’23!

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    Jessie Daniels

    Several of you have emailed me about registration, and now is the time to REGISTER!  The Hunter College administration would like it if you’d all register soon so they have an idea about Spring enrollment.

    Here are the class offerings for Spring, 2023:

    • Tuesday, 5:30 pm (MOI: in person):
      • GSR 709, SOC 42502) (Li)
    • Wednesday, 7:30 pm (fully online):
      • “Sociology of the Gig Economy” (GSR 790, SOC 42563) (Dessauer)
    • Thursday (MOI: in person), 5:30 pm:
      • “Qualitative Digital Research Methods” (GSR 710, SOC 42503) (Lune)
    • Research Internship (MOI: online, asynchronous):
      • Internship (GSR  718, SOC 498) (Daniels)

    For those who are new to the program, the process to register is this: 

    Each semester you will need to contact me via email, include your unique student identifier (EMPL ID), and indicate which courses you want to take. Then, I’ll go into CUNYFirst and click the permissions for each class (for each student). (I’m working with the administration to streamline this process, so you don’t need me to click things for you, but that will take some time.) There’s never any need to worry about registration, as these classes do not fill, so there is no chance you will be “locked out” of a course. Sometimes I’m slow to get to the “clicking on things” part, and I like to respond to these requests in a batch, so if there is a delay, please be patient.

    If you’ve already requested your courses for the Spring semester, I’m going back through emails and clicking on things for you. If you’re still blocked from registering at the end of next week (12/16), email me and remind me of your request.

    Pick the right course: MS and  BA/MS courses have different codes: You’ll notice that the course codes haven’t changed (as of now), so please continue to look for either GSR and SOC. These are the SAME classes but with slightly different institutional assignments. If you’re in the MS program, you’ll want to register for the GSR courses. For those of you in the BA/MS program, you’ll want to register for the SOC courses whenever possible.


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