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Announcement by Michael Oman-Reagan on 2/19/13

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    Michael Oman-Reagan

    The third reading for our next meeting is up on the blog – the post has been updated. Here are the details: <strong>III. </strong><a href="">Downey, Gary Lee, Joseph Dumit, and Sarah Williams 1995Cyborg Anthropology. Cultural Anthropology 10(2): 264–269.</a>

    <strong>Abstract:</strong> "The following is the text of a paper we presented at the 1992 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in San Francisco. It represents a first attempt at positioning cyborg anthropology in a late capitalist world that situates academic theorizing alongside popular theorizing. We view cyborg anthropology as a descriptive label that marks a cultural project rather than an elite academic practice. In other words, cyborg anthropology is not just for anthropologists or other professional intellectuals. Although we cite broad social and intellectual movements, we do not detail specific relations of affinity through references. We are publishing this statement because we think it provokes important discussions."

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