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    From the Interference Archive – 131 8TH STREET NO. 4, BROOKLYN, NY 11215


    “December 6, 1-4pm
    RSVP necessary
    please email classes@interferencearchive.org

    Creating and distributing comics are a powerful vehicle for
    self-expression. They are visual communication of narratives- personal,
    educational, fictions, non-fictions – and allow for experimentation with
    images, text and non-linear storytelling.

    In this class, we will explore the wide variety of comics in the archive
    and discuss their personal and societal impact. We will talk about how and
    why comics are created, replicated, distributed and how this process can be
    empowering. The second half of the session will be a lesson in the art of
    comic creation. Participants will leave with the beginning of their own
    personal comic.

    This workshop will be facilitated by Jan Descartes”

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