What Is Normal?

What Is Normal?

What is normal? By definition normal is conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected conventional idea based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed. However, like the Earth, the minds of people are vast and shaped by various factors including on regional location, income, stability and just every day to day factors. The lives of people are different, even though through support, sympathy and empathy one can get an understanding or insight into another’s life. However, even with understanding, it takes a certain kind of person to connect with others and truly understand the pain and hardships people go through. Life is a labyrinth and unlocking the minds of people is the finish line. It might be easy to just knock down the walls of the labyrinth and make haste to the end, but life will be trivial and mundane.


So to answer the question “What is normal?”, normal is a handicap imposed on the world to limit the creative expression of others. The normal of the past has yet to grasp the innovation of the modern age. People fear change, so they fear the unknown. But with change comes responsibility and evolution. An example of this limitation is the concept of heterosexuality and homosexuality. As far back as history can go, man and woman has always been with each other. It is the key to life; it’s reproduction. Without men and women there will be no life (disregarding all spiritual and religious ideologies). People feared change in sexuality so much that there were mobs led to impose the death sentence on the LGBTQ+. But what people fail to realise is that this change in sexuality is change. 


Change like all others is primarily for the benefit of society. Two-dad penguin families are becoming more common in captivity, however, as zookeepers have seen positive outcomes for chicks raised by surrogates like Sphen and Magic. In cases where a chick’s biological parents face inadequate support, or if a pair laid more eggs than it could manage, zoo staff have transferred chicks to foster pairs. To date, heterosexuality has produced an influx of children and as a result of the inability to produce offspring, homosexual relationships has taken it upon themselves to foster these kids. So why fear a race that only seeks to provide love and care to children in need?

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