What does The Hymn of Man say about the creation of the world ? How does it differ from the The Creation Hymn ?

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The Hymn of man says the creation of the world is made by a man who has “a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet” (Veda line 1-1.5). The Hymn of man goes on to say that all those parts of his body was stretched out all throughout the world and they impacted the environment around them. “With three quarters the man rose upward, and one quarter of him still remains here. From this he spread out in all directions, into that which eats and that which does not eat” (Veda line 4-4.4). Body parts were spread out into the world and each part represent a cosmic man whose sacrifice from the Gods had created all life (Purusha, https://www.britannica.com/topic/purusha-Indian-philosophy 2/12/18).  This Hymn differs from the creation Hymn in many ways. In the creation hymn there was no thought of someone or thing creating the universe but there was a mention of God. On the other hand, The Hymn of man emphasizes the creation of the universe being created by man or the self consciousness of man.