research paper

research paper

In many Caribbean islands they have their own way of talking, this is called Patois. In the language there are many ways of speaking patois depending on where your from, for example the Jamaican patois is different from a Haitian patois

Patois is a language that was created when the Caribbean islands was enslave by the European in the 17th century. The europeans bought slaves from the West and Central Africa and exposed them to learned and nativized the spoken language and dialectal forms during the Middle Passage. The English language was spoken by the slaveholders: British English, Scots, and Hiberno-English. With multiple slaves from African tribes was captured by the european, the collision of culture started a blend language, since the Dutch,Portuguese, Spanish, French and English all was captured as slaves countless of creoles were spawned

Many people may argue that Patois is a language that is unacceptable in society due to it being a sign of lack of education and knowledge or could show no self control. Many people may say that it’s unacceptable in society but it gives people of the Caribbean a sense of identity, they express themselves but using their language in various ways. For example in Jamaica, reggae musician use patois to express their feelings and fill a song to narrative a picture of what they went through while, same as poets and theater preform use patois as main source of communication

To sum up everything Patois the language that create the people of the Caribbean,

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