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For this second paper I had a hard time coming up with the topic. I didn’t really know what I was looking for but, as I was searching through the news that happened in the past year, I came across an article on Malala Yousafzai that said she had returned to Pakistan after the attack on her. This is when I decided Malala would be the topic of my paper so that I could learn her life story because I never really knew who she was and what she was fighting for. For this paper I did need to do research to find sources that explained events in Malala’s life. I complied what I found into an outline. When I began to write I had a particular angle in mind, but it felt like I was summarizing her whole life as she is still so young. However, I picked the events in her life that seemed important to get to my angle.

Before handing in the draft, I corrected the mistakes I saw and made sentences more concise. After peer review, I realized I forgot an important aspect in my paper which was the in-text citation. I corrected that mistake for the final draft. I also incorporated the feedback I received from the professor who said I needed a better conclusion that summed up what I talked about in my paper. I also needed to put my personal connection into this paper which I did in the new conclusion I wrote.