Reflection Essay

Reflection Essay

The first day of Writing for the Humanities and Arts, I just thought it was going to be a normal English class. I wasn’t expecting something out of it. I have always enjoyed writing. Being the fact that I was better at it than math. Viewing the syllabus and seeing that we had to do six essays and a research paper made me feel overwhelmed. But, when I saw the requirements for each essay, I got more and more excited to write them. Although writing six essays was a lot, I approached them each with a positive mindset. Before, I would just write essays just cause they got assigned to me. Now, I approach writing assignments with the mindset of how this is going to benefit me as a writer and what will I get out from writing it. Three essays that I enjoyed writing were the literacy narrative, evaluation, and the music essay. These essays were my favorite to write because I was able to talk about my interest and things that I like. I don’t usually get to do talk about this because I tend to hold back on expressing myself to others. This is due to being called annoying throughout my childhood. Being able to express myself in writing has made me appreciate not only myself but writing in general. When it comes to my writing, I usually just follow the directions and that’s it. Now, I add in either my own personal interest or a few suggestions. I have realized that my opinion is always valid and no matter the situation it should be heard. I would also like to thank you Professor. You have made writing for me more exciting and I look forward to using the skills you have taught me in other classes. Thank you for always giving me feedback on my work and for inspiring me. I hope you have a happy holidays and enjoy the new semester that’s ahead.

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