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ArcGIS Exercise

I recently took part in an assignment that acted as an introduction to the ArcGIS software. With minimal creative restrictions, […]

Olivia Ackerman September 23, 2021 September 23, 2021
Climate Change narrative essay.

Everyday we hear these two words “ climate change” either in the news ( TV) or some social media apps […]

Jordao (he/him) December 11, 2021 December 11, 2021 burning fossils, climate change, destruction, human activities., major cities, the year 2050, threatening our health
Essay 1

Diana Herreros ENG 201 Professor Dalton September 28, 2021 Pick A Book In the memoir Heavy By Keise Laymon, Laymon […]

Diana Herreros Reynoso (she/her) October 21, 2021 October 21, 2021
Expository Essay

        The word “K-POP” has skyrocketed across global media in the past 2 decades. Intoday’s society, it […]

Julia Nguyen (she/her) December 16, 2021 December 16, 2021
Interview Piece

Mindy Zheng Writing for the Humanities and Arts September 12, 2021 Interview with Lukas Lukas is currently a sophomore at […]

Mindy Zheng October 3, 2021 October 3, 2021

There has always been a disturbing glorified view of depression and anxiety. It is as if there is an admiration […]

Mindy Zheng December 16, 2021 December 16, 2021
Rhetorical Analysis Essay Final

Edwin Negrete Ramos ENGL 110 The Rhetorical Analysis Essay   The English language is one of, if not the most, […]

Edwin Negrete Ramos (He/him/his) December 17, 2021 December 17, 2021
Research Essay Final

Edwin Negrete Ramos Kathryn Harrison Freshman Composition  November 18, 2021    Research Essay : Gun Control    Mass shootings, unsurprisingly, […]

Edwin Negrete Ramos (He/him/his) December 17, 2021 December 17, 2021
Language & Literacy Narrative Final

Edwin Negrete Ramos Growing up with parents who are new to the United States, new to English, new to the culture, […]

Edwin Negrete Ramos (He/him/his) December 17, 2021 December 17, 2021
Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Cover Letter #2   In phase number 2 we analyze a text or an article to make a rhetorical situation […]

Edwin F. Gaytan (he/him/his) December 14, 2021 December 14, 2021

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