Interview Piece

Interview Piece

Mindy Zheng
Writing for the Humanities and Arts
September 12, 2021
Interview with Lukas
Lukas is currently a sophomore at FGCU and pursuing a career in software engineering.
From what I have seen on his resume and online portfolio, he has great interest in his career path
with outstanding work to back it up. He has completed many projects for various companies and
has also travelled to NYC for an internship at Palantir as the only college freshman in the group.
Lukas is incredibly ambitious which sparks my curiosity about what he has planned for the
future ahead.
Seeing as Lukas is a highly intelligent individual with a lot of potential, it was no surprise
to find out that the first thing on his bucket list is to graduate college. Although he has already
completed many commissions and worked for a couple of companies without his college degree,
he still strives to complete his education and gain as much knowledge as he can to do the best
that he can in his field. From the college degree, he hopes to find a job that will earn him a six
figure salary. Lukas has expressed that one of his goals is to become a millionaire in his 20s and
retire early so that he can spend the rest of his life doing other things that he enjoys. In addition
to the six figure salary, he hopes to own a Tesla car and buy a modern house.
Asking a little more about his modern house, Lukas expresses that he wants a simple
house with glass and marble incorporated into the design that gives it a modern look. He wishes
to have a large room dedicated to gaming as well as a Creative Room. The Creative Room would
be where he would make various tools that he may need or even just craft things in. Something
surprising that I have found out is Lukas’ hobby of playing Flight Simulator Games. Due to this
interest, he plans to build a 360 Flight Simulator which he describes would give you the actual
feeling of being in the air while playing the game.
Another thing that surprised me quite a bit was Lukas’ desire to start a Mental Health
Awareness Foundation. I personally have been really invested into spreading awareness about
mental health through my art so this has really brightened my day upon hearing about it. I have
not met many people who had much interest in learning more about mental illnesses so it was
relieving to hear that someone else wanted to help those with mental health issues. My main
concern about mental health is the stigma around it so seeing that others were willing to create a
program to fight against that really boosted my confidence in humanity. I personally struggled with mental illness and I would love to reduce this struggle for others who feel that they are walking through life and its pains alone.
To finish off this interview, I am content with what I now know about Lukas. I just
thought in the beginning that he was dull since he was studying software engineering in which I
know nothing about but I was quickly proven wrong. Lukas has many other ambitions and
hobbies that I can talk about with him and this interview clearly shows that. I am glad to have
talked to Lukas about his life goals

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