How was learning promoted in innovative ways – for the students you had in mind?

How was learning promoted in innovative ways - for the students you had in mind?

In our last class, we were introduced to two new websites that can help students and teachers communicate on a higher level in a classroom. The most important part of class that we reviewed was how social justice can be executed in a learning environment, based on the article 10 tech trends that will impact social justice in 2018. The two key websites that we utilize in the classroom was Storyboard and Boom writer, which I must say are two motivating websites to help students learn and stay engaged with his or her peers. I was able to use Storyboard and create a thought-provoking lesson, which led the students to think about their answers while collaborating with their fellow peers in groups of twos. I was able to create an innovative lesson based upon a three stage plan using Storyboard. The lesson my partner and I created was about “What is considered appropriate to share on social media”.  My classroom had many groups which helped them apply the “reciprocal questioning” strategy which encouraged an open dialogue between the groups of twos which lead to my students creating their own questions about the topic and lesson. We also used the pause procedure to intersperse strategic pauses and enhanced the student understanding of the lesson. The warm up question asked “Who sees your post/ information that you share”? I was teaching this specific lesson to freshmen’s in high school; I was ready to hear all of their response. Many teenagers think they know “everything” about social media; however this type of mentally is not true. One student responded by saying “Everyone can see your posts. Once you post something online, it could never be deleted, which can back fire on the individual later down the road”. Another student responded by sharing that “His sister lost her job because she was posting inappropriate comments and pictures”. After this thought share process, my partner and I moved on to stating a real life situation which stated that “Mona graduated last week from high school, she was excited to start her job at the social security office. She was going to start her new job in just a couple of weeks; she was in the process of getting a background check.  However, due to her posting inappropriate picture in high school, she lost her job before even starting.” The closing activities led into the students, thinking of examples or situations with an issue of cyber information, creating a self to world connection. It’s very stimulating to see how the students sharing their experiences can help educate others in the classroom, making the other students be careful on what they post online. By utilizing these innovative learning strategies this enhances students learning potential because of incorporating the different types of learning methods to teach and engaged the students on different levels.

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