How Did I Wrote My Research Paper?

How Did I Wrote My Research Paper?

I immediately knew what I am going to write about my research paper. However, finding reliable sources to support my argument was difficult because I have to use scholarly articles. Then I wrote the annotated bibliography and it was helpful because when I was writing my second draft, I do not have to go to hundred websites to find evidence since I already wrote down sources I am using.

Then I began to write my formal outline, and the outlining become so easy because while looking for evidences I had learned a lot of knowledge about the education system. After done with separating ideas into each paragraph, then I just began to write my second drafts, and I tried to expand these ideas by using a lot of citation and analyzation. Finally, I was able to write an eight-page long essay, and then I began to proofread my paper to removed grammatical errors and make necessary corrections.

Afterward, I send the paper to my group member and professor, and I incorporates those feedbacks into my essay. Additionally, I went to the writing center to seek extra help with my grammars. Then I included those feedbacks into my paper and submitted on the blackboard.

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