Fox Populism Press Release

Fox Populism Press Release

Since the early 2000s, Fox News has dominated the cable news arena in ratings, but its true impact far outreaches its primary partisan audience, as it often shapes the national political debate and sets the agenda for other outlets with its coverage. So what makes it so much more influential than just a cable news network?

Fox Populism by Reece Peck offers fresh insights into why Fox News has been
both commercially successful and politically effective. Where existing
explanations of Fox’s appeal have stressed the network’s conservative
editorial slant, Peck sheds light on the importance of its style as a generative
mode of ideology. The book first traces the historical development of Fox’s
counter-elite news brand, illustrating how its iconoclastic news style was crafted by fusing populist politics and tabloid journalism. Using the network’s coverage of the late-2000s economic crisis as the principal case study, Peck then shows how this style is deployed as a political tool to frame news events. By analyzing the network’s top-rated programs, Peck reveals how Fox hails its audience as “the real Americans” and successfully represents narrow, conservative political demands as popular and universal.

An insightful look at how Fox News has transformed the media and political landscape, as well as the conservative movement, Fox Populism is a crucial book for anyone trying to better understand how populist styles drive politics in a media-driven age.

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