Final Revision-Casey's Educational Journey

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I always wanted to try and better myself through the education field. But to be honest, even though education has been my only consistent friend, sometimes I get tired of it. Sometimes it is hard to sit in a class, but when I realize that the class is making me more educated, I feel it is worthwhile. We lose some friends in our lives but one as valuable as this I would never let go. So who am I you may ask. Am I a teacher or a student? I am pleased to say that I am both and that is what ultimately puts the big smile on my face.

Who knew that I would be a teacher? In ways it was made for me because I always loved kids and always wanted to be a role model. I know that I am not perfect, but I do try my best to serve as a positive example for my students. This year I am a 7th grade English teacher for Bronx Alliance Middle School. I am very excited but also nervous to begin my journey as a professional teacher. To reflect, I always was a great student that would get good grades, but I was never the typical “hardcore study straight A student” type. I was the student that would get away with a lot of things like roaming the halls and have fun hanging out with my friends. Still, I made it my obligation to stay in line for the most part because I always been one that wanted to learn a lot. In terms of behavior, I think that being young will be an advantage for me when I teach because I will have an idea of how students will try and behave; I will be able to know a lot of the tricks that some of my students will try and pull on me. On the contrary, being young is a disadvantage sometimes because some students THINK that I will be more lenient (although I will not). It really is astonishing how school has been a huge part of me for my life. It is great to write and reflect just how important

Uh oh, stress time. It is officially time to enter my brain for a little while. In my spare daydreaming time, I stumble upon many questions that enter my mind. Would my life feel weird without school? Will I get my second Master’s degree or will I be satisfied with having just one? Hold on Casey, slow down. Will I even attain my first Master’s degree? I believe that life would be much easier without school, but would it be much more fulfilling? Why do I always have to think so hard about my life? It would not be me if I did not analyze my life to the highest degree. Deep breath *. I put so much pressure on myself but I know I would not be nearly as successful without all the pressure that I and others put on myself. I hope that this journey is worth all the stress. I want to become a great teacher and lead my students to success.

Education has probably been the only stable essential wire that I had the ability to cautiously walk across in my life. In other words, education has been something that has been the only aspect of my life that has been consistent!  As opposed to life that is blurred too much for my liking, education is something that I see clearly. Education has been by my side and I feel comfortable being surrounded by it; education has served as a mental scapegoat whenever I needed a break. Furthermore, education is vital to me and has been on my mind ever since I was about 5 years old. With my mother being the main catalyst that pushed me throughout my educational career, I just wanted to make her proud of me. When I saw her teach at P.S. 71 when I was younger, inadvertently the seed of me becoming a teacher was planted. As a middle school teacher, I wake up thinking about my students. I wake up thinking of new strategies to get the most out of my students. I have a strong passion because I want to be an integral part of the future of this country, and students in general are the future.

As a student, I constantly have education on my mind. Whether it is stressing about my next assignment deadline or listening and learning in class, I always think about the purpose of education.   Additionally, I wanted to grow as a person and learn new things. I love to learn new things because I feel that makes me more open minded and enhances myself as a person. This brings up the burning question “What is the purpose of education?” Although many have different answers, my answer would be to gain knowledge that we didn’t necessarily have before that betters us as people. We would then need to use this knowledge to gain new skills and understanding to the world around us.

I know my teaching journey will not be too easy in the beginning, but maybe it will be easier than I think. My fear is that I do not connect with my students the first week of school. Being the new young teacher, I know that I will be scrutinized more than the other teachers that have been here before. In ways, that makes me focus more. I have a chip on my shoulder sometimes to be honest with you. I look so young and a lot of times I feel that I am being judged by my appearance rather than what I can bring to the table as a teacher. I always have a tickle on the inside when I get the stares and the usual question of “You look so young, you are a teacher.” When I get asked this question, I know that I am doing something right in my life. Only time will tell if this road eventually will smooth out for me, or if it will always remain bumpy. With hope and faith, I believe ultimately I will be fine despite my fears.