Is Google Making Us Stupid

Is Google Making Us Stupid

Joyce Richardson


English 101


September 11, 2019



In the article is Google making us stupid? The author Carr, uses the example of Frederick Winslow Taylor


carrying a stopwatch, into a steel plant, to perform experiments that will test the efficiency of the workers and the


machines. Using the data that he collected from his experiment, he was able to come up with a system that


improved the workers time management and productivity for the steel plant. In my opinion, the author uses this


story as an example to show the readers that certain systems can always be improved no matter how long they’ve


been in place. This example is the blue print and set the tone for how things are running today especially with the


internet. The results of Fredrick Winslow Taylors experiment brought about maximum speed and efficiency for


many manufacturers. These are some of the same qualities that users look for when they go to google and type


something into the search bar. This example also relates to the idea of Google wanting to create their search engine


into an artificial intelligence that can be connected to our minds. At the steel plants the idea of configuring steel


worker jobs would save money and time. When Taylor says “In the past the man has been first”, “In the future the


system must be first” this quote ties everything together. From his experiment, up until right now. I feel like this


means we can expect better outcomes if we put our trust in a system that will always be consistent, fast and efficient


unlike man who is considered to be slow, lazy and unpredictable.


In reference to how this example supports the overall meaning of the essay. Google is trying to come up with the


best way for users to get the most out of its search engine. The system that was in place before, was considered slow


and didn’t yield the best results. Similar to Taylor probably felt about the operations at the steel plants prior to his


experiment. After the experiment things started to change. Where we once relied on books to receive majority of


our information. Now we have the internet. All we have to do is type something in the search bar and anything we


want to know is available to us in less than a minute. Google has adapted Taylors idea of wanting us to rely more on


computers the same way he proposed the idea of his system being better by having machines do more of the labor.


Artificial intelligence and machines are all different tools that will be used to replace what man was once able to do,


the system wants to cripple the way we work, think and read. So that we can completely rely on these new “systems”


which in turn will generate more revenue for them.

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