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  • Matthew K. Gold started the topic Fwd: FW: Digital Humanities Pedagogy Followup in the forum Group logo of Digital Humanities InitiativeDigital Humanities Initiative via email 2 days, 8 hours ago

    Hi All —

    If you’ve taken a DH course, please consider participating in the survey
    below. I’ve done an interview with the group and I am looking forward to
    the results of their study.



    Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 6:37:27 PM
    To: Gold, Matthew
    Subject: Re: Digital Humanities Pedagogy Followup



    We are collecting data for a research paper on digital humanities
    pedagogy, and would be very appreciative of any contributions. We are
    surveying both undergraduate and graduate students, so if you have taken a
    class about digital humanities, we want to hear from you!

    Our research will investigate DH curriculum through the perspectives of
    students and faculty. We will examine how DH is taught and learned in
    various departments at both undergraduate and graduate levels of study.
    Interviews with DH instructors and students will provide a framework for
    understanding the nascent DH curriculum. This qualitative data will help
    open the dialogue between students and faculty, providing a platform for
    sharing practical tips for improving DH pedagogy and curriculum.

    If you have taken a DH course, please take our survey here:


    As a token of our appreciation, survey participants will be entered to win
    one of ten $5 Starbucks gift cards.

    Please feel free to distribute this message as widely as possible.
    Thank you for your time!

    Erica Hayes, Ariadne Rehbein, and Siobhain Rivera, MLS Candidates
    Indiana University Bloomington, Department of Information and Library

  • Matthew K. Gold started the topic Digital Poster presentations? in the forum Group logo of Digital Humanities InitiativeDigital Humanities Initiative 3 days, 5 hours ago

    Hi Megan,

    The Journal of Digital Humanities has featured posters from recent DH conferences. You can see some samples here – http://journalofdigitalhumanities.org/3-1/ – and here – http://journalofdigitalhumanities.org/2-3/

    Here is some very general design advice:

    * Regularize/be consistent with alignment, fonts, and text size

    * Use modern fonts — not Times New Roman

    * Use icons where appropriate; some can be found here – https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/ – or google around for free icons to find others. Make icons all the same color and roughly the same size, and position them in roughly the same place in relation to all of the other elements

    * consider the CRAP design principles – http://www.dailyblogtips.com/crapthe-four-principles-of-sound-design/

    * Use photoshop or the free GIMP alternative; ensure that the canvas size is set for print and that you are using 300 DPI instead of 72 DPI (which is for web)

    * search creative commons repositories for images.

    * find a designer to help if you can!

    Anyone else have other suggestions?

    Hello, Faculty have been asking me about digital poster presentations and I don’t have any experience with them myself–does anyone have any good models for me to share?


    Megan Elias

    Director, CETLS, BMCC

  • Matthew K. Gold wrote a new blog post What We Did: Feb 24 (Fourth Class; Assessment, Part 2) in the group Group logo of Futures InitiativeFutures Initiative: 4 days, 13 hours ago

    Week 4 — Group 1: Assessment
    Co-authors for this post:
    Janey Flanagan (BMCC) Urban Ed, eLearning
    Maria Greene (BMCC) Urban Ed, Chemistry
    Irene Morrison-Moncure (Hunter) Classics
    In week four, we continued the […]

  • Welcome, Megan!

  • Here’s a link my morning hastac.org blog, in our Futures Initiative group:  “If Academe is Part of the Problem, What’s Our Solution?”  <a title=""If Academe is Part of the Problem, What's Our Solution?"" […]

  • I just finished teaching a literacy course, called “Intensive Reading.” I think of this class like an intensive yoga workshop that focuses on building our practices slowly but effectively. The students in this […]

  • Matthew K. Gold wrote a new post, Anatomy’s Assessment of Assessment, on the site Futures Initiative 1 week ago

    Last Tuesday’s in-class discussion of assessment strategies really got my juices flowing. How was I going to get my 35 Anatomy students to participate in this first topic of “Mapping The Future…”? How to present […]

  • Shana Kimball started the topic Job Alert: Project Manager with NYPL
    technology in the forum NYCDH Announcements

    “Dear all,

    NYPL Technology has an exciting opportunity for a talented Project Manager
    to guide the development of our core digital collections platforms &
    experimental projects. The full description is below. Please help us spread
    the word!

    The New York Public Library (NYPL) is seeking a talented Project Manager to
    guide the development of its core digital collections platforms and to help
    steward a portfolio of experimental projects in our Flatiron district and
    Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on 42nd Street locations.

    At NYPL, we’re building a new kind of library that opens our vast
    collections to the public via responsive applications, linked data and
    APIs, and adventurous user engagement and crowdsourcing initiatives. In
    concert with digital leadership, and with NYPL’s expert community of
    curators, librarians, and data specialists, the Project Manager will help
    advance the development of:

    NYPL’s digital repository: the preservation of significant works of
    human culture ranging from cuneiform tablets to the email correspondence of
    Timothy Leary;

    NYPL Digital Collections website and Archives & Manuscripts portal,
    plus related APIs: public access (by both humans and computers) to our
    digitized assets, finding aids, and metadata;

    our core metadata systems (e.g. ArchivesSpace, The Museum System,
    and a local MODS metadata management system) along with a new generation of
    connectors between them;

    crowdsourcing projects, data mining experiments, and other user
    engagement initiatives.

    The right candidate will have the chance to enable global access to
    mind-blowing material: manuscripts, archives, rare books, maps, A/V,
    photography — you name it, NYPL has collected it and is putting it online.
    The work is both internal and public-facing, involving frequent
    contact/collaboration with experts from museums, publishing, academia, the
    tech industry, the open source community, journalism & media, and the art

    As Project Manager, you’ll serve as a liaison between the Information
    Technology Group and NYPL digital product teams and other stakeholder
    groups. Your primary responsibilities are to plan, track, communicate and
    help deliver the projects to which you are assigned. You’ll manage projects
    via NYPL-approved project frameworks, including both Agile and traditional
    project management approaches. You’ll also be helping to develop a process
    for transferring successful experiments and incubated products into core
    library platforms. The candidate must be able to identify issues
    proactively, resolve conflicts, escalate if necessary, and work across the
    organization to execute the project.

    Lead cross-functional teams in the development and successful completion of
    small through large-scale initiatives across the entire project lifecycle.
    Take an active leadership role in the project team and create an
    environment that fosters the prescribed project management methods, related
    processes and standards.
    Understand and follow the NYPL project management framework for project
    Ensure that all project team members understand and accept their roles and
    Coordinate participation of different tech and stakeholder groups in
    requirements gathering, specifications, design, development and
    implementation of key projects.
    Help estimate project resources and budget as well as manage costs.
    Develop and proactively manage project plans and strategy, scheduling, and
    identification of risks, contingency plans, and the allocation of available
    Oversee the deliverables assigned to cross functional teams, vendors and
    business resources.
    Analyze risk and mitigation, including establishing contingency plans and
    initiating corrective action as necessary. Identify, track, and remove
    impediments to project success.
    Facilitating change control.
    Review project requests and participate in the green-light process.
    Keep all stakeholders informed of status and issues. Track and report key
    project metrics.

    The position will join the IT PMO group and report to the Director,
    Technology Initiatives. S/he will work closely with the NYPL Repository
    Team, NYPL Labs (http://labs.nypl.org/), and other drivers of NYPL’s future.

    Skills are minimum 5-7 years experience as a PM in a technology services /
    digital media company. PMI best practices knowledge and experience are
    Solid experience in managing customer facing applications and services
    (technical lead experience not required).
    Project managed medium to large software development or customer-facing
    Extensive experience with Agile methodology and Scrum.
    Experience managing vendor relationships and projects involving vendor
    selection and implementation.
    Leadership skills and enthusiastic can-do attitude.
    Relationship building and partnership skills.
    Excellent communication, collaboration, and facilitation skills.
    Structured thinking and strong organizational skills.
    Excellent writing and presentation skills.
    Excellent project management and time management skills.
    Self-starter, requiring minimal supervision (but not afraid to call for
    PMI Certification is highly desirable.
    Bachelor’s Degree

    Bonus points:
    Familiarity with digital library technologies and standards.
    Experience with the Fedora open source repository software.
    Familiarity with library metadata standards (Dublin Core, MODS, MARCXML,
    BIBFRAME, etc.)

  • ThumbnailWeek 3 — Group 1: Assessment
    Co-authors for this post:
    Janey Flanagan (BMCC) Urban Ed, eLearning
    Maria Greene (BMCC) Urban Ed, Chemistry
    Irene Morrison-Moncure (Hunter) Classics
    Week three marked the first […]

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  • ThumbnailIn his classic study Bowling Alone (2000), Robert Putnam argues that we have lost our connection to friends, family, neighbors, and our democratic structures.  He warns that our “social capital” has plummted, […]

  • In last week’s class, we talked about assessment. Formative assessment, summative assessment, and how we use assessment wisely (or not) to activate (or not) student learning, feedback loops, and our own teaching. […]

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