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    College: Hunter College
    Title: Career Development Services Employment Services Assistant, Digital Media
    Academic Interests: Media Studies/Communications English-Creative Writing
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    Alycia Sellie - "Librarians Against DRM images, created by Nina Paley for the Readers’ Bill of Rights for Digital Books: https://readersbillofrights.info/librariansagainstDRM Please use and share in support of our work!"View
    active 46 minutes ago
    Position: Acquisitions Librarian & Faculty Member, Library, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: zines, print culture, alternative publications, american studies, dada, radical librarianship, critical […]
  • Profile picture of Joseph Ugoretz
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    College: Macaulay Honors College
    Title: Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning and Technology
    Academic Interests: I'm originally a professor of English, but my interests are varied: Science Fiction, Oral Performance Art, […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
  • Profile picture of Adriana Palmer
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    Position: Non-Teaching Adjunct I, Mina Rees Library, CUNY Graduate Center
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  • Profile picture of Roxanne Shirazi
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    Position: Dissertation Research Librarian, Mina Rees Library, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: digital scholarship, librarianship, scholarly communication, digital humanities, film studies, American […]
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    Academic Interests: • Assessment • Accreditation • Teaching • Economics • Business • Strategic Management • Information L […]
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    Positions: MA student, MALS, CUNY Graduate Center; Development Communications Manager, Office of Institutional Advancement, Lehman College
    Academic Interests: The Long 18th Century, English literature, the history of just about everything, rhetorical theory, […]
  • Profile picture of Anthony Picciano
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College
    Title: Professor and Executive OffIcer Ph.D. Program in Urban Education
    Academic Interests: educational technology education research education policy education leadership
  • Profile picture of Scott Voth
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    Position: Community Facilitator / Wiki Wrangler, CUNY Academic Commons, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: Interested in digital libraries, literature, distance learning, XML, digital humanities, open source, open […]
  • Profile picture of GC Music Social Media Editor
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
    Title: Program Development Consultant Community Engagement Department, The Metropolitan Opera Guild
    Academic Interests: Music, Musicology, Copyright, Open Culture, Open Access, Open Source, Opera, Art Song, Performance Practice, […]
  • Profile picture of Mani Garcia
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College
    Academic Interests: Behavioral/Affective Neuroscience, Psychophysiology, Statistics, Pedagogy, How to increase diversity in […]
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    College: College of Staten Island
    Title: Professor Department of English
    Academic Interests: China, Japan and Hong Kong, East Asian Culture and Society
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    Positions: PhD student, Earth and Environmental Sciences, CUNY Graduate Center; Adjucnt, Environmental and Occupational Health Science, Hunter College
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    Position: GAB, Urban Education, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Profile picture of David Humphries
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    Positions: Professor and Chair, English, Queensborough Community College; Associate Professor, Masters in Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: American Literature and Culture Literature and Media American Studies