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    Laura Kane - "Check out the Digital Fellows site for new posts and workshop announcements: http://digitalfellows.commons.gc.cuny.edu"View
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    Positions: GC Digital Fellow, GC-Wide, CUNY Graduate Center; Graduate Teaching Assistant, Philosophy, Hunter College
    Academic Interests: Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Hegel, GC Digital Fellows, Technology, Pedagogy
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center, New Community College at CUNY
    Title: Instructor of English, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College (CUNY) PhD Student in Urban Education, […]
    Academic Interests: ePortfolio pedagogy, urban education, student engagement, instructional technology
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    Position: Community Facilitator / Wiki Wrangler, CUNY Academic Commons, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: Interested in digital libraries, literature, distance learning, XML, digital humanities, open source, open […]
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    College: York College
    Title: Associate Professor of English Managing Editor, sx salon: a small axe literary platform Author, Disturbers […]
    Academic Interests: Caribbean LiteraturePostcolonial LiteratureLiterature of the African DiasporaGender and Sexuality […]
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    Position: Instructor, English, Hunter College
    Academic Interests: modernism, transatlanticism, speech act theory, character studies, English literature, American literature, […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
    Title: Program Development Consultant Community Engagement Department, The Metropolitan Opera Guild
    Academic Interests: Music, Musicology, Copyright, Open Culture, Open Access, Open Source, Opera, Art Song, Performance Practice, […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: My interest field is speech recognition, and I am currently working at speech lab in Queens College.
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
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    Positions: Digital Fellow, Digital Humanities Initiative, CUNY Graduate Center; Adjunct, Asian American Studies, Hunter College
    Academic Interests: Racial State, Environmental Justice, Biopolitics, American Empire, Community Organizing, Social Movements, […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
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    College: *Non-CUNY
    Title: Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept of Geography, Dartmouth College PhD 2011, Program in Earth & […]
    Academic Interests: GIS, FOSS4G, spatial databases, spatial analysis, geovisualization, urban economic geography, spatial […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: poetry and medieval exegesis.
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    College: Macaulay Honors College
    Title: Instructional Technology Fellow
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    Positions: Associate Professor, English, Hunter College; Co-Director, ACERT (Academic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching), Hunter College
    Academic Interests: Literary modernismAmerican studies Documentary in literature and filmDigital Humanities
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    Boone Gorges - "@teststudent testing"View
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    Position: Lead Developer, CUNY Academic Commons, CUNY Graduate Center
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